1907 Houston Sanborn Map: Section 9

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1907 Houston Sanborn Map: Block 9

This is the 9th section of the 1907 Houston Sanborn Map. This was the starting point and base of my research. This section was intriguing because it contains railroad tracks, which were a major player in the development of Houston and a huge part of its economy. Furthermore, the Houston Gas Co. is located right next to the Houston Street Railroad Co. and they are both connected by a railroad track which shows their interdependence on each other. Both of these industries were crucial in Houston’s development, especially during this period. Other interesting features in this section are the Carriage Factory and the Freight House, along with the Globe Hotel and Palace Hotel. However, I became most interested by the W. L. Macatee & Sons Building Material building on block 10 in the center of the map.

CitationHouston 1907 Vol. 1- Sheet 9 [map]. 1907. 50 feet to 1 inch. “Insurance maps of Houston Texas Volume One 1907″. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps – Texas (1877-1922). Web.


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