Census Data: The Macatee Family 1880

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Census Data: The Macatee Family 1880

Through reading city directories and Sanborn maps I became familiar with the evolution of the company, W. L. Macatee & Sons, but I had no idea who W. L. Macatee or his sons were. I then began looking through HeritageQuest in search of the names of each member of the family and possibly the evolution of their lives, to find spouses, children, and if they moved locations. I began with the 1880 census because it was the first year that W. L. Macatee appeared on the census in Houston. Listed with him are his wife and children, this gave me a starting point to do more research on each member of the family.

Citation: US Census: 1880. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1952.


One thought on “Census Data: The Macatee Family 1880

    […] this hinted toward their success. In looking through HeritageQuest to find Macatee’s in the census data I gathered a lot of information, but some things also led me astray. For example, I found a Macatee […]

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