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W. L. Macatee and his family were extremely involved in the economic and social development of Houston. They hosted baseball games and the very first state fair on their land. They were not only all involved in their family cotton, building material, and lime and cement company but they also built and owned a hotel in downtown Houston. W. L. Macatee was involved in the city government in Houston in 1888 which shows that he was actively involved in the community. W. L. Macatee and his family were not only important on the social scene but economically as well. W. L. Macatee and his company had a delivery of cement on the first seafaring ship that entered Houston’s port, this shows that they supported Houston’s economy and expansion from the very beginning. W. L. Macatee has an interesting past and his rise to prominence is not well known to me from the documents I have encountered thus far. His children also have interesting lives, coming in and out of the family businesses, and eventually running them themselves. This research, if it was developed more, could provide information, that has yet to be found, on a man who clearly had a great impact on Houston.

If my research were to end now I would say that W. L. Macatee was a business man and active citizen and he raised his sons to be the same way. These traits led him to support the Houston economy with his business, but also to get swept up in the economic boom that was the early 1900’s in Houston. His building materials company found no end of contracts, but Macatee also worked hard for everything he had. I would say that W. L. Macatee’s personality and drive for success helped make Houston the economic hub it is today, but Houston’s expansion also helped Macatee with his success. In conclusion, Houston played as much of a role in the Macatee’s development as the Macatee’s played in its.


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