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Macatee & Houston: Partners from the Beginning

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Once I began to focus on the question of what role the Macatees played in the development of Houston I went in search of an article that would answer that question. The vertical files in The Briscoe Center for American History located on The University of Texas at Austin campus contained this article about Macatee. It was written for the Houston Post in 1949, when W. L. Macatee was still alive. This is the most information that I found about the connection between Macatee and Houston. Other than this article it seems as though there is not much written about this man who contributed to Houston in so many ways. I decided that this research could fill the gap and provide the one document that would connect Macatee and Houston as well as describe Macatee’s road to success. Macatee & Houston: Partners from the Beginning was the turning point in my research that lead me directly to my question and gave me a focus.

Citation: Sumerlin, Ted. “Macatee & Houston: Partners from the Beginning.” Houston Post, September 18, 1949. Vertical File – Macatee, W. L.., Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.


W. L. Macatee a Founding Father of Houston

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W. L. Macatee a Founding Father of Houston

Through sharing resources with other members of the class I found this article on W. L. Macatee in a book titled “Makers of Houston”. It discusses how W. L. Macatee came to Houston and his early life. It also mentions Macatee’s and his children’s business successes. Although this article doesn’t contain answers that analyze the connection between Macatee and Houston it does deepen understanding of his life and his successes.

Citation: Houston Biographical Association, Makers of Houston. (Houston: Houston Public Library, 2011). Accessed November 26, 2013. Web.